Ambitious, qualified Dentist with excellent organizational and interpersonal skills. One of my secrets is “respect seniority”. Protocol-ed in everything, group work is my aim, patient satisfaction is my mission, proactive thinking is my way and heaven is my hope.

-My History and certificates:
-Master Degree in Prosthodontics Ain shames university
-Manager of Raqi clinics-dental
-Manager of Raqi Medical Service CO.-Medical Company
-Medical Consultant in Sheba medical group
-Dentoneer lecturer
-Petro jet co. lecturer (proactive doctors)
-Medical manager Amjad group(Prev.)
-ODM Organizing Developing Manager A M C (prev.).
-Jasmine dental Clinic manager/owner-Aramco-Elaj coordinator -KSA-Dental Dept.
-Manager in Elaj Hospital(Hassa)
-Dental dept. Manager Star Care.
-Residence in el Demerdash Hospital-Bachelor of dentistry
-Ain Shames 2001-RESIDENCE CERTIFICATE–Ain Shames 2004
-Specialization Certificate in dentistry-KSA 2005


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